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Love-A-Stray is a non-profit, all volunteer, no-kill organization dedicated to helping homeless dogs.

Since Love-A-Stray doesn't have a "physical" shelter and our dogs are housed in foster homes, we do not have some of the usual operating expenses that would be required for a shelter. Consequently, adoption fees, fundraising efforts, and donations go directly to a great cause - the DOGS! Our four-fold mission of "LOVE" is to:

  1. Lessen pet overpopulation by spay/neuter and additional vet care for all the dogs that come into our program.     
  2. Offer housing for unwanted, homeless dogs and when necessary, provide medical treatment including emergency veterinary care.
  3. Value the life of all rescue dogs by providing innovative behavior rehabilitation, when applicable, and placing them from nurturing foster families into loving, compatible, permanent homes.
  4. Educate the public on the importance of being an advocate for dogs emphasizing humane treatment and the importance of proper vet care, spay/neuter and training. 

Donations are greatly appreciated and put towards a very good cause! We need a variety of items to help care for the rescue animals. No donation is too small:


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